What types of value are people looking for?

In the previous post I tried to define the term Value, in the context of the Continuous Customer Experience. I concluded with phrasing the “Maximum Lifetime Value” Law: “An organization will succeed in deriving the maximal lifetime value, from a relationship with a customer, only if it is able to maximize that customer’s perceived value from each and every segment, in the Continuous Customer Experience” So, our North star and our primary goal, should be to see to it that, fo

Data Driven CX in 7 Steps

In a previous post, I suggested a checklist for creating effective touch-points and continuous customer experiences. One of the underlying assumptions behind that checklist is, that we “Know” our customers and have a good understanding of their needs and of the value they expect to gain, in their interaction with our brand. This knowledge is the basis for any CX program. Knowing our customer requires an infrastructure of methods, tools and processes. In this post I’d like to